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July 29: My Shadow Self

Today I honor myself for being able to confront my own shadow. My
willingness to do this has tremendous potential for transforming my
life. What I keep in darkness and hold as a secret from myself and
others within my psyche has a strong hold over me. It takes a lot of
psychic energy to hold secrets in place, to keep them from leaking out
into the vision of others, to keep them only half known to myself. I
have to hide my secrets in darkness, which means keeping parts of my
psyche in a sort of shadowy, murky, lightless space. The pain of knowing
is sharp, sometimes excruciating, but then it is over. The pain of not
knowing is a constant nagging ache. I choose to know today.

I am able to fill my mind with light.

You're as sick as your secrets.
12-Step saying

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JUST got this in my email---how appropriate! lol

July 29: My Shadow Self

Today I honor myself for being able to confront my own shadow. My
willingness to do this has tremendous potential for transforming my
life. What I keep in darkness and hold as a secret from myself and
others within my psyche has a strong hold over me. It takes a lot of
psychic energy to hold secrets in place, to keep them from leaking out
into the vision of others, to keep them only half known to myself. I
have to hide my secrets in darkness, which means keeping parts of my
psyche in a sort of shadowy, murky, lightless space. The pain of knowing
is sharp, sometimes excruciating, but then it is over. The pain of not
knowing is a constant nagging ache. I choose to know today.

I am able to fill my mind with light.

You're as sick as your secrets.
12-Step saying

Sign Up for Dr. Dayton's Informative new newsletter on Emotional Sobriety:
What it is, How to achieve it, How to maintain it in your life.
This free, quarterly newsletter will include a wide variety self help and
psychological issues and up to date research in the mental health field.
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by Audre Lorde

For those of us who live at the shoreline
standing upon the constant edges of decision
crucial and alone
for those of us who cannot indulge
the passing dreams of choice
who love in doorways coming and going
in the hours between dawns
looking inward and outward
at once before and after
seeking a now that can breed futures
like bread in our children's mouth
so their dreams will not reflect
the death of ours;

For those of us
who were imprinted with fear
like a faint line in the center of our foreheads
learning to be afraid with our mother's milk
for by this weapon
this illusion of some safety to be found
the heavy-footed hoped to silence us
For all of us
this instant and this triumph
We were never meant to survive.

And when the sun rises we are afraid
it might not remain
when the sun sets we are afraid
it might not rise in the morning
when our stomachs are full we are afraid
of indigestion
when our stomachs are empty we are afraid
we may never eat again
when we are loved we are afraid
love will vanish
when we are alone we are afraid
our words will not be heard
nor welcomed
but when we are silent
we are still afraid.

So it is better to speak
we were never meant to survive.


this captures my experience of complex post traumatic stress disorder perfectly.
"complex" means it is not just a single event-- it was constant abuse or trauma, such as having an untreated addict such as an alchoholic or rageholic as your caretaker, prisoner of war situation, childhood sexual abuse, or severe trauma passed down generations, such as the experience of living in a war zone (like the middle east) or the holocaust.

What is baffling in the case of child abuse, is that the abuser may him or herself be traumatized with severe PTSD, and out of ignorance and refusal to take responsibility for their own actions, will transmit these abuse patterns onto the next generation. And so on and so on.

Let's take a moment here. And infuse a lot of love into this situation. Let's spread the word that there is help, growing resources of help to heal and beautiful real intimate relationships that don't have strings attached. THE WAR IS OVER. come into this safe place with me. Put on some leanard cohen. Let yourself own how you feel, even if those feelings hurt like hell. The only way you can access full on joy and energy--is to acknowledge and express the pain in a healthy way. i will explore these in a fun, conversational and colorful HBO vocal way. (don't forget to subscribe to them--their cutting edge programming is very very important. It's worth the change.)

If untreated, people with PTSD will "see" reality through the eyes of the past hurt, will project this onto inocent bistanders and will respond as if that original event is still happening. Some of the symptoms can be extreme rage, anger, fear, worry, panic attacks, suicidal ideations, depression, isoloation and addiction to try and stop the horrific levels of pain.

The soldiers need our help and so does the psychological community to raise the awareness of this condition and how to properly treat it. MISDIAGNOSING it as BIPOLAR is a common ignorant error and these people are put on drugs that dampen their creativity, usually making them very ill and depressed.

There are legions of soldiers that are coming back from these war zones, with this condition, and people are labeling them as crazy. This is the WORST thing you can do. DON'T TELL A PERSON WITH PTSD TO JUST SNAP OUT OF IT. If they could do that--they would have. SEEK OUT A SPECIALIST who deals with PTSD, preferably someone in touch spiritually.

This person experiencing flashbacks, whether they are visual or emotional or spiritual states, needs support and unconditional love.

We need to form communities that bring people together to share resources and thoughts on how they are successfully navigating through these sizzled neurological pathways and stuck unprocessed energies.

You can read my own story below in "my history" to see how the pattern unfolded and effected my life. And I have to tell you---even though I am not shutting down, isolating and acting out in destructive ways---i still am contending with some old horrible messages and some people who just don't understand my vision and are labeling it as "crazy."

So, I decided I am going to SHARE WITH YOU PART OF MY VISION, and that is to open up socialnetworking sites to build community and resources for those who are or have suffered from PTSD, whether short term or long term. A twitter page will be up and running in the next week, along with a FB page. I will keep you posted.

TWO excellent books to help are:

THE PTSD WORKBOOK - Simple, Effective Techniques for Overcoming Traumatic Stress Symptoms by Mary Beth Williams & Soili Poijula

REALLY REALLY GOOD BOOKS. You will not feel alone. AND GET INTO some kind of support group, any kind. You need to be around people---and not JUST anyone. YOU NEED TO SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND. AND THERE ARE PLENTY. trust me. I have found them

This condition will make you want to isolate, out of the assumption that other's will not understand, or that you will be labeled as "crazy."

I can assure you-----you are not. You are experiencing what any human being would experience going through the non-sense of violence against humanity. That is why, as Elaine of Seinfeld said in the back of the limo---"WAR? What's it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. amen to that sister.

What has helped me recover:

1. talking about it, even when I felt compelled to keep the darkness inside.

2. creating art out of it---collage art, writing, poetry, music, radio, film--to entetain myself by creating art ----and also witnessing the creative genius in other's making of art.

3. reaching out to others with the same condition--socialize with them too---don't just chat about the disease.

4. using essential oils or smells to trick the amidyla from it's fight or flight, knee jerk hijacked response.

5. MEDITATION AND PRAYER, like clockwork---every morning 1st thing - for at least 30 minutes. SET A TIMER and forget it. Set it and forget it" like the chicken rotiscerie rosco folks say. Set it--then totally surrender everthing--every cell in your body--over to whatever your defintion of "higher power" is. Even if this means the friends who accept you unconditionally, or famous stars you admire for their strength and courage.

6. GET THE BOOK : The Art of Extreme Self Care by Cheryl Richardson . We need to re-learn or learn for the first time----how to take good care of ourself. That means eating healthy, resting, prayer and meditation, and MOST IMPORTANTLY---

7. rent the films: APOCOLYPSE NOW, BEAUTIFUL MIND, and what the bleep do we know.

8. drench yourself in whatever you find funny---laughter is the BEST medicine in the universe. seriously.

and most important:

decide and put your foot down to surround yourself with love and kindness and beauty. Get out of your heads by doing something fun. Socializing in healthy ways are so healing. IT shows you that you are not alone.

ALSO --surrender resistance. Don't try and cut off your emotional experience like it is a dead limb. This will just create future problems and energetic blockages. Breathe and sit with the pain in the middle of a safe quiet room----imagine you are viewing your emotinal experience on a movie screen in front of you. You are in the audience eating popcorn--witness it, don't drowned in it. THE PAST IS OVER.

REMEMBER---"feelings are not facts."

OH AND --- divorce yourself from any energy that resembles the original abuse pattern. That means that just gently release those naysayers, people locked in their various forms of ignorance who are projecting their own non-sense onto you----leave them alone. Trying to convince them to "see the light" comes out of the same sickness.

PTSD causes us to try and befriend our abuser, appease them, make things different. I am learning in a CFO-level course taught by my old hired EXECUTIVE COACH @DavidKruegerMD, that due to the nature of the brain and quantum physics---you have to let go of pursuing the old story all together. You have to let go absolutely.

So how about you join me in taking out a fresh clean piece of paper, visualizing all the goodness and talent that you have brought with you and your natural-born beauty----and let's hold hands to breathe life into the courage to write a new story all together. (in my case, it's been "A NEW MONEY STORY" teleseminar taught by MD and x-psychotherapist, grew up on a farm----down-to-earth and humble funny man---CEO of http://www.mentorpath.com -- turned life coach to highly functioning high execs and creative people---author of over a dozen books---- MR DAVID KRUEGER. He is a visionary and a pioneer in his field.

PEOPLE with PTSD and rageholic behaviors are not total monsters---they are just very very sick people and locked in extreme denial and refusal to take accountability for their lives. Ignorance is abusive in nature. Just stay out of it's way---and surround yourself with light.

This is what I learned on my day of prayer.

God has brought me to this place to harness the strength and the courage to share my resources from a place of love.

I'm done with the blame game. I've been acting like the angry punk rock chick I was. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Anger has it's purpose too---we don't usually change until we get fed up and angry to put our foot down and do something different. Anger can protect your boundaries, especially if you have to set strong and new ones with people.

I had extreme food addiciton too when I let this energy back in my life, gaining over 80 lbs in less that three years, totally super-sized myself. It was out of control. Gratefully I have lost over 25 pounds since March. And...no gimicks, craziness. Just re-connecting to source, as Wayne Dyer puts it.

So ...I am PROUD of who I've become.
I am creative and vivid and I have lovely visions to bring people together out of love.
I love people, places and things.
I love culture adventures and learning new ways of life.
I love the art of conversation and spiritual surrender.

I am embarking on a new journey of my life.
I am glad that you are with me, along for the ride.
REMEMBER...life is like a movie. Keep the drama on the page, dream HOLLYWOOD big, and take the most awesome creative risks.

Release naysayers with love and act in the face of fear---because if you wait. you'll be dead . BE WHO YOU ARE.

---Lisa Jo Barr 26Jul 09 614pm . fresh inspiration....
I am the founder of "PURE socialmedia 100 % me. SOCIALMEDIA for the good of ALL humanity. The ultimate service and prosperity work, worldwide.

PURE socialmedia, 100% me.

**** Good morning .

Here is a letter I wrote earlier this week to someone who started following my @lisalikey tweets. His page and his energy are really cool and so much inspired me to write him an email, which you can read below.

Will, Thanks for your kind words, Will. They really mean a lot. There's a lot of people in this world who don't get what I'm doing AT ALL, and in their ignorance, they are labeling me crazy. It's very hurtful, but I have slept very well and meditated a lot yesterday, along with swimming and hanging at my beloved @wholefoods (they are good tweets there too, check them out, peeps).

All the best to you, Will Francis. (check him out - on the other side of the pond .....and I introduce...a twitter star in the making....@willfrancis. Cheers to you, this morning, afternoon, evening--wherever you are! LOL


Hi Will,

My name is Lisa Jo Barr. I noticed yesterday that you began following my tweets at @lisalikey.

First I want to say---your hair is cool. Also, you have a super-sharp twitter page, and real talent in the imagery department (photos).

I discovered twitter and facebook only 3 months ago. And my life has not been the same since. I fell completely and madly in love with twitter and facebook. I began following my intuition, wandering and stumbling upon such amazing treasures, and learning as I went.

In addition, I have had a full time position with United Airlines 100k desk here in Chicago. Actually, with their announcement of a twitter page, was my first awareness that twitter existed. (>>thank you so much @unitedairlines . I am forever grateful:<<)

I played around with it, didn't get it at first, but my gut told me to not give up.

I have been working like the equivalent of 3 full time jobs with this stuff. This socialmedia stuff fits perfectly over my personality, as I am overall very comfortable in my own skin, love the art of conversation and connecting with others, and am a multi-media diva at heart.

I've been published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. My main focus has been personal and professional growth and exploring holistic modalities.

I have successfully put into place a three month sabbatical from UA. I am heading to Hollywood next week. A really wonderful filmmaker and socialmedia diva there named Demi Pietchell ( @icequeen057 ) has invited me to a digital socialmedia talk next weds at UCLA in Hollywood. I am very excited.

I would love to talk to you about socialmedia. I want to use it for the good of mankind. I am tutoring some CEOs on how to use it, in addition to some celebrities. I am only interested in using it at its purest form--being completely me 100 percent real. no fake bones about it. And I can only pitch, broadcast people, products, projects, art, music, that I believe the creator wants to bring love and light into the world through their work. Anything else ---its "god bless and bye bye>"

This means in biz too--if someone offers me 5 million and they want to use my wisdom and knowledge to harm others, or if they are disrespectful, manipulative and incongruent with their communication---then it's no thanks, god bless and bye bye.

I am not interested.

I think that socialmedia is revolutionalizing human interaction. It is the purpose of the internet from the beginning. I have cried in my meditations on my yoga mat in complete awe that I am a part of this, that I have been brought to this place to transmit the wisdom of which I am only the instrument--to pass along to others, to mingle others (connect one person with another) and become my own production house with no overhead. fucking brilliant!

I want to do this stuff for a living. I want to create all sorts of tweetups, extravagant and otherwise--to bring awareness and beauty and inspiration into the world. People need help. They think they are all alone. socialmedia can change all that.

would love to talk with you further. call me anytime you want or be in touch. I am drawn to the spirit of what you are doing. I need some kindred spirits in the socialmedia arena. I want to write a book on conscious pure 100 % me socialmedia. a style I've developed that feels right. feels good and is making a big splash--I'm drawing some amazing folks to me.


~~~~~~~~~~~ hint: check out my followers & who I follow to get a sense of who I am and what I'm attracting. Remember that old phrase: the company you surround yourself with reflects the type of energy you are attuned to. This is a basic metaphysic principle. ( Yes, ladies and gentleman, if you have not noticed by now, I am a metaphysician, been studying the stuff, different aspects, mystery schools, etc since I was 13 years old. SEE the films WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW & THE MATRIX for starts if you are clueless. It's an important component to my brand of socialmedia--------------- PURE 100% me.

* Lisa Jo Barr *
High Executive, Creative & Entertainment COACHING

THE socialmedia diva for the good of ALL mankind.
Welcome to my A-list cast. You're a star.

Visionary & founder of PURE socialmedia, 100% me. Organically grown all the way baby.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Welcome to the REAL matrix.
Now do behave. ;)

author. speaker. coach. spiritual journalist.
out-of-box multi-media production house,
spiritual smart ass, teacher. student of life.

Lisa Jo Barr, INK. productions.






out-of-box http://lisajobarr9.livejournal.com

HELLO INDIA! http://bylisabarr.livejournal.com

student of life http://lisajobarr.livejournal.com

Lisa Jo Barr

Prosperity, growth, service work, positive synergy welcomed & encouraged.
Kick off the heals.
Just be yourself exactly as you are.

You are safe among friends. There's enough success to go around. So join in the art of conversation.

Infusing FUN into FUNdraising, for the good of ALL.

In love, *Lis*

Let's talk moolah, shall we?

OK. I'm going to spill the beans. In the past, I haven't been so great w/ my money. I admit it. I've been a little punk-rock about it--very rebellious, refusing to save, to strategize and just spend away instead to my "delight."

This has changed since last October. I have several accounts w/ auto-deposits and close tabs on where my money is and goes and can do for me. I'm still on the mend though. And I have to keep it real. I'm not a financial wiz....yet!

I adapted old messages—that I must not only "be prepared for a rainy day" but expect that the worst will eventually happen.

That my friends, is called CATASTROPHIZING.

Stay away, my friends—far far away from this TOXIC energy. It is icky poo-poo.

I'm not about ANY of that non-sense anymore. No-sir-ee BOB!

Earlier this year, I took a wonderful class @ The Unity Church about SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS. It was 70 of us, reading a book together by Eric Butterworth called SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS, THE PRINCIPLES AND PROCESS OF TRUE PROSPERITY.

This my friends, is an AMAZING book. Flipping it open just seconds before I write this—to the highlighted passage on pg. 107:

"When you work in the right consciousness, when your work becomes organically a part of your whole self, and when you do your work out of that commitment, no matter what other people do, no matter what the compensation may be, doing it for the health of your own soul, then you open the door by which the affluence of the universe flows forth into your life."

This book deeply affected me at all levels. We were given homework assignments each week to implement its principles exactly where we were in our current job position. We had dynamic discussion groups.

The results have been truly astounding.

ANOTHER financial piece I am about to embark upon is a TELESEMINAR taught by an Executive Coach I hired years ago named DAVID KRUEGER ( http://www.mentorpath.com ).

It's a graduate-school level class starting next Monday, July 6th at 6:00 PM-7:00 PM CT, for 5 weeks, called "Your New Money Story" (www.NewMoneyStory.com) geared mainly to those working in high finance.

ENROLLEMENT is still open, so sign up if you dare. All you've got to lose is negative energy around money, a new language of writing your new money story and the knowledge to guide others into revising their own money stories as well.

Sounds good to me!

Right now, too, @davidkruegermd is offering Twitter & FACEBOOK fans a $300 discount as a professional courtesy.

After adding the $595 class to your cart, simply enter the code "moneysecrets" to the coupon code box on the right-hand side, under the "NAME" when you're checking out.

What a great deal. Thank you David.

PS—follow his TWEETS :) @davidkruegermd & tell him LisaB says hi! :) and please please please –help me spread the word. This is cutting-edge leadership at its finest. He is a very humble man. IF you like his tweets—then RETWEET them to all your followers. Let's get the word out. K?!

Also, go to @exectweets (www.exectweets.com) and "nominate" him as an exec so that his tweet feeds will be transmitted onto this dynamic page.
IF you like his tweets—RETWEET them please. He's new to the world of twitter. Give him a warm welcome :)

I've read some of his books and they are chock-full of valuable info. So much so, that often I had to set my book down, close my eyes and absorb the tremendous insight and wisdom of this fine author.

Grassroots is where it starts, right?! Help me broadcast this man's innovative positive energy work.

Thanks so much,
FB page: Go for It! COACHING

FYI --Well, personally, I'm not "officially" a CFO, but I'm going to TAP my CFO within, by full-on participating in this course. It's time for me to align my prosperity demeanor at the most basic level—to my most fabulous vision with the $$$$ I deserve, right?! I am way into UPSCALE and CHIC, and also appreciate a good deal when I see it. Thus—the class peeps. The class! LOL

This course will teach us to use the power of AUTHORSHIP to revise/rewrite our own MONEY STORIES.

I'm very excited for this classroom, because the SYNERGY I had w/ him as a strategist/ EXEC coach was phenomenal.

OH SO convenient—I just drive home from work. Kick off my heals, light a candle, make a phone call—and I'm in. No traffic, no non-sense, and graduate-study level learning—all in the comfort of my own home. When it's done—I don't have to drive home. I'm already here.

TELESEMINARS are fabulous. Give it a try.

More @davidkruegermd background—and my relationship w/ him when I hired him as my one-on-one EXECUTIVE COACH:

I began to take my writing to another level through our work together. I landed a lucrative BLOG gig w/ Poker Stars.com during our work—I got to spread good cheer at a charity function and mingle with sports celebrities.

I went home with a smile on my face, rolled up my sleeves, and wrote my heart out. It was a blast! I loved it. I had fun working with www.pokerstars.com Marketing Director Rich Korbin too. I got paid VERY well for this gig.

Show & Tell time, ladies and gents. READ my finished product at:


I consider DAVID KRUEGER a real pioneer. And he has a very interesting background too. Grew up on a farm. Learned the values of discipline through morning chores on the farm.
READ more about his background @ http://www.MentorPath.com under his BIO info. A very interesting man, indeed and I'm so blessed to know him and to have worked with him.

OK—gotta do some housework. Going to a breathing therapy session w/ ARTUR SOBOLEWSKI (www.BreathTherapy.org) later. Speaking of pioneers. WOW—my life is swarming with them! :)

Best to you on this THURSDAY afternoon,

socialmdia secret: selflessly promote yourself--by being yourself and giving people access to you. Don't act like a used car salesman. It's just tacky...sure, I think infomercials on TV are relaxing--but not on my TWEET page! say something real!

$>>>>> Your socialmedia diva dancing queen of CHICAGO, @lisajobarr , can teach you how to have fun at work again. OK?! FYI--I'm avail for private one-on-one SOCIALMEDIA 101 training for CEO and other high execs/high-profile people--I'll show you all the ropes that I continue to expand upon. TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL. And you can practice the art of socialmedia conversation with me, as added bonus during the training. Ready to blast off TWEETS? It's fun! <<<<< $

ciao for now, gorgeous people...
Ps—if you like my blog—copy and paste a link to your fav passage and TWEET away! I want to spread positive energy into the hearts of men and women everywhere. LOVE TO YOU and remember—BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Use socialmedia to spread the wealth, the wisdom, and the laughter. Let's have a good time with all this. Is it a deal?!!
I just checked my email. I just finished writing my last blog RE: kudos and my intention to be around positive innovative people vs. toxic discouraging ones.

This is exactly what Jack's message is about this morning. Funny how life works in synchronicities. Here it is. BTW, you can follow his TWEETS @J_canfield . Tell him @lisajobarr says HI :)


"Dear Lisa,

It's Jack Canfield again...with one of the most important
Mentorship lessons I have yet to send you.

It's something high achievers have known throughout history...
That is...surround yourself with positive people.

If you think about it, there are people you meet in life who
are positive, nurturing and uplifting. These are people who
believe in you, encourage you and applaud your victories.

Contrast that with "toxic" people -- the dream-stealers,
the negative ones, the people who bring tension, stress and
disorder to your day.

Stop spending time with toxic people! And work hard to bring
more positive, successful types into your life.

There's a valuable exercise my own mentor W. Clement Stone
taught me. Make a list of everyone you spend time with, then
put a plus sign (+) next to the positive ones and a minus
sign (-) next to the toxic ones.

You'll probably see a pattern begin to form.

Perhaps your entire workplace is filled with toxic people.

Wow...what a revelation! Or perhaps your friends and family
are constant nay-sayers, belittling you and undermining your

Take steps now to either decrease the amount of time you spend
with these toxic folks or set appropriate boundaries in how
they relate to you.

To surround yourself with hundreds of other successful folks,
possibility-thinkers from around the world, all studying and
following The Success Principles in their lives -- consider
attending one my powerful transformational trainings or
international success symposiums.

Visit http://www.canfieldtrainings.com for details.

One attendee, Linda Claire, said:

I'm making major changes in all areas of my life as a direct
result of the skills I learned. The safe environment you
created allowed me to stretch in ways I never would have
thought possible. My business skills and interactions are
enhanced... and my personal life is opening widely.

THANKS Jack Canfield--for your CHICKEN SOUP SERIES and the living and breathing lessons that your journey with that vision brought into the world. You have dramatically touched my life in such a deep way. It was such an HONOR to be published with four passages in your CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE RECOVERING SOUL, DAILY INSPIRATIONS. I submitted all four on a whim. THERESA PELUSO was great. Tell her I said hi. I've never worked with a better editor (actually she's the only book editor I've worked with thus far on my own journey.) KUDOS JACK--All the love and light to you, my dear "Mock Uncle" Prosperity GURU :)

Love, Lisa

KUDOS to me, revealed.

KUDOS to moi , as I am about to spead my wings and fly…

Here's a letter I received from a 100K million Mile Flyer on Saturday:

"I'd like to take this opportunity to compliment Lisa Jo Barr in your Chicago reservations office. I had the pleasure of talking with her this afternoon on an upcoming reservation. I knew immediately by the tone in her voice that she enjoyed her position with United Airlines.
We both commented how pleased we were with United, her to be your employee and myself after spending 20+ years as a customer.

Please make sure she is recognized and well rewarded, she should be an example to all others in your organization. I can easily see her moving to a higher position in your company. Lisa is exactly the type of person to represent UAL."

Thank you sir.

Here's a card I received from one of the outsourced agents on my special project in Delhi circa 2006—just before I left. It is so kind; I keep it close to me when I need some added support. Our words can be healing:

FRONT of card reads: "A thank you message just for you"



The most ideal personality I've met in my life.

I can never forget the moments we spent together, the thoughts that we shared & the love that we developed by being together & I'd be able to spread it among others surely.

As when you're filled with love, you don't need to make any efforts to love somebody. It simply overflows & whoever comes in your contact gets a chance to enjoy it & this kind of love is unconditional. So it's the love of God. True love. Absolutely selfless & Lisa, believe me, you are filled with this kind of God's love.

I can't express my gratitude for the love that I received from you by any way.

But thank you so much for your overwhelming affection & care.

See the space is so scanty & I want to say so much to you. Never mind. I'll continue in my mails to you. May love & luck be always on your side.

###end QUOTE

(This woman was one of the agents for the outsourced firm we worked with. I supported the project as a service director. I invited her to my 5-star hotel one wekend and we had soup. She had never experienced anything like that in her life. She was wonderfully spiritual and had a meditation guru, and showered me with gifts—books written by him. She went on to move up in her company, into operations I believe. She felt supported and empowered by me, even when she was battling with her own demons of insecurity and low-self esteem and a poverty mindset.
I will forever love you like a sister, S.)

I keep an "autograph book" that I have started this year—and ask people to give me words of wisdom, and to sign and date it. I'd like to share two passages with you:

FROM MY MENTOR AL, associate director of a telecommunications firm:


"If the truth hurts, ask if you know yourself. Really know yourself. Seek the truth. Journey deeper into truth until you love yourself and accept who you are. Only when you truly honor yourself and are true to your boundaries will you be ready to understand God and accept others."
--Al May 9, 2009

Another is from a supervisor at my UA day job.


"Courage is...

• Following your conscience instead of "following the crowd."
• Refusing to take part in hurtful or disrespectful behaviors.
• Sacrificing personal gain for the benefits of others.
• Speaking your mind even though others don't agree.
• Taking complete responsibility for your actions...and your mistakes
• Following the rules...and insisting that others do the same
• Challenging the status quo in search of better ways.
• Doing what you know is right-regardless of the risks and potential consequences.

YOU have courage."
--S. May 11, 2009

I have excellence in me. I love people. I pray for God to put me in a position of creative freedom, of calm and peace, of elegance and beauty.

I want to continue my interactions with cutting-edge leaders, savvy and healthy multi-national business men and woman, with jetsetting famous people living the visions of their dreams. I want to take it to another level. I want to write and create for a living.

I want to be in the aura of these people. I am one of these people. I am nervous and scared because I have taken myself so out-of-box lately—with Hollywood style pitching. (thanks to the INSPIRATION of my Hollywood/TV GURU Ms. Laura Scheers who teaches film (http://www.flashpointacademy.com/about_us/people.html) --see her bio at bottom—she taught a 4 hour class I took in MARCH on "How to write for television @mediabistro here in Chicago.

She wrote me great support in a few words last night, after I shared with her the gist of what I'm about to embark upon today:

"EXCELLENT! Much good luck to you-prayers are on their way—remember, its not "if," its "when they say YES!

(THANK you Laurie. You are my big Hollywood pitching and female power GURU! Love you!)

My mentors are telling me to keep going. It's okay if some don't see your vision. Don't be discouraged.

After a polite decline from one of my pitches, I came home and knocked a glass of milk over on my coffee table. Ahh. I said to myself. Don't cry over spilt milk. Just move on. And so... that I what I'm doing.

I have a big big big vision that is cutting edge and some people don't get it. People tend to project their narrow vision onto you—it's just how it works being human, I guess. I'm learning not to take other's discouragement or lack of vision personally. That it's not a reflection of me, it's just an indication of their own ignorance. It is what it is, and God bless them. Perhaps they're not ready. They are where they are. And simply—it is worth it to me to GO FOR IT! Just like my coaching company states. I have helped others do it, and I am helping myself do it. I am a deeply passionate and poetic soul, who has a big-time multi-media diva inside of her. It's beautiful. I keep thinking of the character on 13 going on 30 –how there is this 13 year old pureness of excitement in this 30 year old woman who revamps her magazine in a fun way. I am a lot like that. I love the art of conversation and finding humor in all kinds of things. I'm a collage artist—which makes me the perfect candidate to take my SOCIALMEDIA for GOOD to the next level.

I cannot begin to tell you all the lovely feedback I've received from followers who have "stumbled" onto my twitter/facebook pages.

And I am very clear on who I want to attract—what the emotional signature is. See my first posting here. I'm not into negativity. I spent a large sum of my past life dealing with bullshit. Now, I can spot it a mile away. What a gift to have! Really—this is evidence that painful experiences are not in vein. Look at that valuable gift life gave to me.

When you have a big vision, and you step forward to push it into the daylight, there is always the possibility of "rejection."
As a writer, I have conditioned myself to understand that just because an idea doesn't stick—does not mean to stop trying. Especially if it's cutting-edge. Some may not SEE your vision. And it is what it is.

My good friend elegant and confident business owner RICK WADE ( http://www.ricksrs.com ) in DENVER told me yesterday afternoon that it was fine if someone dropped his card on the street, because someone else might pick it up.

So the moral of the story is—if you never broadcast yourself and your vision—how can you expect others to know about it?
You must bring your innovation to the light of day. There is no other way.

If you keep in the flow of the energy of pursuiting your vision, then eventually the birth of your vision's day will arrive.

I'm feeling antsy and impatient, I have to admit. I want to give birth to my vision—on a higher plane. I reached out to half a dozen high exec friends & business owners yesterday, old & new, for dream support and business advice, without getting into specifics.

I've noted that there are a lot of new people that have come in as support. Some other people in my life have left the stage. I feel like I am outgrowing some. I need to be around creative supportive visionary cutting-edge people.

I don't need or want someone else projecting their doubts onto me. For this reason, I am deliberately not in contact with some people I once leaned on for support (i.e. ma & pa kettle, God bless them both). I'm not drawn to their frequency of the energy they entertain anymore.

I cannot afford to sit down and have a cup of coffee with doubt, let alone a five-course meal. It's vital to be in the aura of the extraordinary. I owe it to the high standards I set down too.

I have cultivated a real zeal for living. I am passionate about socialmedia platforms for building healthy synergetic communities. I believe this is part of the new frontier and the gateway to transforming BIG CORP. America & multi-national companies. These more casual exchanges of small passing around virtual "notes" (or TWEETS) that unfold into entire articles, holographic introductions to the world of personalities, expression, wisdom are mind-blowing.

THIS is society getting real with itself, after so many years of hiding behind smoking mirrors—people are coming together for socialmedia good. >>>>> Be sure to follow @mashable & check out his Summer for Social Good campaign. Kudos, Pete. YOU TOTALLY ROCK! I don't like those hissing geese either, Pete! THis man is my big time socialmedia superhero LOL...yeah I know...I'm a goof! http://www.mashable.com

I have amped up my quiet time, my meditations. It's been a real challenge to sit still as my vision, my purpose and my talents are all coming online into alignment to form it's own synergy. I have a drive on me that I've never known before.

I pray to surround myself with tranquility, beauty and art. Comfort and peace. I turn my home into a night spa on a daily basis—green tea mud masks, Buddha bar music, a lavender tea blend called "Love."

I deserve to treat myself special, because I am. Such lovely delights like treating myself to three bouquets of flowers at Jewel (it's only $13 USD total!) and playing with them in the kitchen to arrange into a lovely arrangement to bless my surroundings with perfume and color and life. Priceless beauty.

The art of luxury, the many beautiful combinations of sound, sight, emotion. Making Art out of Life (that was the theme of my last dinner party). The more light I let in, the more it shines for myself and then for others. We all affect one another, you know.

Oh and REMEMBER to practice random acts of kindness. This really energizes me at work. I like to show people they are appreciated. I'll send out kudos immediately in real-time via email to their supervisors– and copy in the person I'm giving kudos to. It feels good to express appreciation and gratitude.

Try it at any chance you can, and witness the life-changing effects this has on you and everyone who works for you. Words may be cheap, but they can be priceless. Make your words priceless. And stay genuine and heart-centered. Don't be manipulative—just be yourself. There's nothing that makes me cringe more than incongruent communication. Ik.

Have a great Thursday all. I will too. Feel free to send me prayers on finding a fantastic home for my vision.

I love you all,
Lisa Jo Barr
My response back:

This is soooo timely AL! I love u & THANKS for your support and laughter. I'm wearing the pin you gave me; "Does it bother you that I'm fabulous?"

It's so me! Lol


Letter below:


Here are some challenging but healing  words I came across this morning - good for dealing with any negative thoughts, be it grief, fear or jealousy. 
"Mystics do not deny negative emotions; we surrender them.  We know we're feeling them for a reason, as they often represent the places in our psyche where we relive previous wounds within the context of current experience.  The negative emotion we're feeling now - if we surrender it deeply and ask for God's healing - is our chance to transform the past and be free of its pain in the present.
"While in the midst of our pain, we can reach for Truth... Embracing God's Truth is a spiritual act:  It alchemizes our emotions, providing the bridge from fear to love.
"The choice to perceive any situation within a spiritual context cuts through our negativity.  Where we place our faith is critical... We can have faith in a world of limitation, or we can have faith in a world of limitless good.  But is shall be given to us according to our faith:  What we have faith in is what we will experience on some level.

"It is only when we put our hurt feelings into the fire of transformation - allowing ourselves to feel them and continuing to surrender them - that they finally begin to burn away.
"Dreams often do die hard, and there is nothing negative about feeling their loss.  Only when we have truly cried all our tears have we cleansed ourselves of the toxic barriers to the experience of genuine joy."
Marianne Williamson, "Everyday Grace" Riverhead Books, 2002
So I am listening to Buddha Bar. The same one that I used to play when writing in my HELLO INDIA blog when I was there on a 2.5 mo. work project back in '06.

It's important to ritualize your writing habits, I've found. DAVID KRUEGER, one of my EXEC COACHES taught me that.

>>BTW-David is having a *CUTTING-EDGE * seminar (JULY 6-AUG 3) called:
which incl. 5-60 min TELESEMINARS, workbook etc..for $595 (well worth the investment as I have personally worked w/ DAVID KRUEGER through one-on-one coaching) SEE LINK: http://mentorpath.com/your-new-money-story/
tell him you heard about this thru @lisajobarr --and tell him hi 4me:)<<<

As a matter of fact, over the course of our work, I was able to pinpoint that a number of concrete factors contributed to my productivity as a writer. One was the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Just the aroma of it set me in the mood to write.

Another was my cubical space at my day job. I had developed very sharp focused work habits, in which I would have handy my notebook journals and books to research when I got stuck on a call, or was waiting for a department to do their thing (such as build a pricing record). So there was something about sitting in a cubical that got me in the mood to write and study too.

So, as silly as this may seem--I decided to set up a "mock cubical" in my home office--to construct the backdrop for me to get more writing done. It was like a movie prop! An office cubical. LOL . I got one of those Asian intricately cut wooden dividers that folded three times, and stuck it in front of my desk so that I could basically have a wall to stare at (like I did at work). It really worked!

My life is rapidly changing with the discovery of socialmedia. I feel I was BORN to do it. I have sooo much fun with it. It's like a big never ending collage art project. It's the same thing that drew me to writing and producing my first radio piece with RAMAN NANDA when in Delhi. While my colleagues were busy hanging out at TGIF's, I politely declined and networked and hung out with some AMAZING people. I still to this day, stay in contact with many, some of which I worked with on the project. Others I networked with through www.ryze.com .

TO GET CURRENT: it is THURS night. My "Sunday" night. You see, I choose to work weekends, because the traffic is intense on the weekends. I can get a lot more done by having WED & THUR off from the "day job." It's a way to strategize my time (which I haven't been that good at lately in some areas--but I am addressing it, and pronto SANDY :) .

So my confidence and belief in myself and all my lovely visions is at an all time high. WHAT i learned this week through some VERY valuable feedback, was to concentrate effort to CHANNEL my creativity. Also, to STAY present and not get carried away, projecting myself into the very bright bright future (ahhhh...I can smell those leather seats of my new green BMW, ya hear?!

Yes, this was jacking me up. I was a zombie from working the equivalent of 3 full time gigs, learning how to harness my ever-so expansive SOCIALMEDIA skills (which is a bit like collage art, I might add). I am astounding myself at how natural this all comes to me. I was made for the vehicles of twitter & facebook. Many of my friends and family are so suspicious of these cutting-edge communication platforms. So, I'm not going to waste my energy to talk someone over til I'm blue in the face. To each his own. And I'm not invested in changing anyone. I'm interested in leadership and inspiration (are they one and the same?).

Through my tweets, there was a great article RE: the difference bwtn management vs. leadership. Here's the link:


It's worth the read.

So, anyway---I was all hell bent on getting time off from my day job to open up more time to write my books and pursue even more socialmedia and really get my HIGH EXEC / ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY Go For IT! COACHING practice going...but then I was stopped in my tracks by a very insightful email I received this week (which I'm sorry--I cannot share w/ you). The message I received was this:

Enjoy the journey. Don't be so invested in results/outcomes. As a matter of fact--don't put limitations on them. The universe will unfold and take you where you need to go. I don't have to go about this dream chasing like a chicken with it's head cut off. That;s how it felt last week, and my performance level suffered from it.

I got off work on Tues afternoon. I stopped and talked with a very nice supervisor. I listened to her journey with the company, and really really enjoyed talking with her. A part of me wanted to rush out of that office to put my nose in my socialmedia bible, and get all sped up like a whirling dirvish (which the airline industry stir up often already, OK?!). My spirit stopped me in my tracks and I heard a little voice inside tell me:

"LISA. You are EXACTLY where you need to be."

It was a relief that I was open to hearing this, and then slowing my pace to actually enjoy the ride.

Just like when I fly an international journey. The first time was to SYDNEY and I was sooo excited to get there--I didn't rest--just stayed awake and drank tons of coffee, a couple of glasses of wine (which ladies and gentleman--I do not reccomend for it's dehydrating effects. Drink plenty of water and juice instead to minimize jetlag).

After that first trip--I look forward to the journey. I've always LOVED to fly. I pack myself some favorite books, mags, my journal, some treats, my earplugs and fav pair of socks. I buckle up and sit back and relax. I surrender to time travel. I take off my watch and flip through the pages of a HEMISPHERES magazine to see what kind of latest enertainment is being offered on the flight. Then I just chill. And make sure to get good rest, eat well (yes, I actually like the food--esp in biz and first).

The point is---stop yourself. This very minute. Stop.

Where are you and in what ways do you appreciate your current surroundings--whether it be a "stepping stone" job, a challenging personal situation, on the brink of fame, or whatever it is. JUST STOP.

This world is like speedy Gonzales. You have to learn to slow down your energy. OR GUESS WHAT?? You're going to get very sick, very fast. I see it all the time with people. Life is not all result-driven. Explore what matters most to you, discover new things that matter. Take the time to be kind to the people who serve you in every capacity, from the bus boy to your administrative assistant. And tip well. Come on now--make someone's day and take the time to give KUDOS even in the smallest of ways. You can really brighten up a person's day.

I know because I practice this.

So...I don't have a three month gig in place. So what! I'm exactly where I need to be. And I'm a shining star of hope and inspiration. I bring fun with me and understanding wherever I go.

Good night.

Lisa Jo